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Garden Decking in Retford

For garden decking in Retford we offer an incredible range of options for the best in outdoor living. From contemporary to traditional, aluminium to hardwood, there’s so many options from which to choose which can complement any home’s exterior landscaping. Whatever the material, be assured that the beautiful craftsmanship carried out by PT Construction will give spectacular results, every time.


Wooden or Composite Decking – What are the Pros and Cons?

Decking is an ever popular choice for homeowners seeking a valuable, flat space in the garden. It will serve you for a lifetime when built correctly and maintained properly. Likewise, it is suited to all gardens and properties as it can be built above uneven ground, so no need for excavations and technical structural work. PT Construction are finding decking for Retford homes a more popular choice than ever before!


Traditionally, decking is manufactured out of wood and is still possibly the most popular choice but there are still drawbacks…

Pros of using ‘real’ wood

It looks fabulous, authentic and fits aesthetically in every gardensome softer woods can be relatively inexpensive

It’s a natural product


Cons of using ‘real’ wood

  • When not adequately maintained it can start to look tired and old in a relatively short space of time
  • It get’ s very slippy when wet
  • Although they are more durable than softwoods, hardwood can be more expensive
  • You’ll need to keep up with regular maintenance and re-staining

The alternatives have become more available and include materials which look like real wood without the worry of maintenance.

Whilst relatively new to the UK market, with many homeowners not even knowing of it’s existance composite decking is a viable alternative to real wood. Composite decking has several benefits – None slip surface, low maintenance and it’s also water resistant.

As with anything there are some drawbacks to composite decking, being plastic based it can bendbend and some customers may consider the colours to look a little unnatural when compared to real wood.

Regardless of what material you select for your decking job, you can be assured that it will not only look stunning but add important outdoor space to your Retford property!

pros and cons of wooden decking
wooden garden deck installation in retford

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